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Whole 30 - Round 2 | Strouse House Rambles

The two things I've missed the most on Whole30. Funny enough, the restaurant where both of these are from CLOSED ON ME THIS WEEK!

Day 31 of 30, and man does it feel good. We dreamed last night of PB&J, lattes, and the tastiest of wines. This morning we woke up, weighed ourselves, hugged, and high-fived, then went back to our Whole 30 approved breakfast. Well, Brad did. I enjoyed a Starbucks latte and breakfast sandwich. :-D

This January round of Whole 30 ended up being perfect timing and a great way to start off the year. During our first round of Whole 30, we battled temptations in the form of food festivals, work parties, traveling to visit with family, and so much more. January ended up being much tamer of a month as everyone swears off junk food and hits the gym for the first few weeks of the year. We politely passed on a few slices of birthday cake at work, and we drank water at a few concerts. Other than that, it was business as usual. Well, except with Day 15.

Halfway through Whole30 round two, we both got food poisoning. Bad food poisoning. Like, can't-keep-water-down food poisoning. The verdict? Well, Brad says it was the salmon we ate, but I am convinced it was the frozen, pre-packaged cauliflower rice. You see, that salmon was good. I know it was fully cooked and we had an entire extra fillet to enjoy for lunch the next day. (We ended up trashing it, though and I was so sad.) I believe it was the cauliflower rice because the week prior, there were a ton of frozen food recalls! I also ate way more than Brad and was much sicker than he was. So, for 3 days, we had to introduce some toast, saltines, and Gatorade back into our diet to regain energy. (We had Becca & Zach's wedding that weekend!) We tried SO hard to stay Whole30 while we were sick. We had our dear friends bring us applesauce, coconut water, and bananas, but nothing stayed down. So, I instacarted saltines, Gatorade, and ginger ale while we allowed ourselves some grace. We jumped back on the band wagon the moment we felt like we could.

There are definitely emotional stages to the 4 (and a few days) weeks of Whole 30. Week 1 always equals a peak energy point of following every recipe to a tee and fighting off sugar detox headaches. Week 2-3 are usually a settling in process where Whole 30 becomes more routine and experimentation can happen with meals. Week 4 was by far the most bland week for us. We were so over chopping veggies and cooking grand meals every night, all of the food starts to taste the same, and the finish line is in sight so every day feels like three.

Tonight, we will celebrate with a happy hour glass of Meritage, ordering anything (within reason) at dinner with friends, and cap it off with our monthly Cooper's Hawk wine tasting. Our plan is to eat clean 2 out of 3 meals during the day, not to flip the switch and immediately reintroduce every food we've gone without the last few days, and to enjoy our favorite items in moderation while keeping our results and the way we feel in mind.

So, we know why you are here. You want to know what our Whole30 results were. See below for how round two worked out for us!

ACHES & PAINS: My knees (like last time) haven't hurt as much.

SLEEP: I didn't notice a difference this round like I did last time. I still found myself waking up through the night.

CLOTHES: I can tell a difference in my clothes. Brad, too! He even said he needed new belts because all of his were too loose!

ROUTINE: Like last time, we've all, but stop snacking for the most part! We still miss dessert after meals, but the cravings are far less.

WEIGHT: So I know this is why you are here. How much weight did they actually lose? Well, I am PUMPED to say that we both met our goal!

I (Allie) exercised a bit during the Whole30 so my results were better than last round.

I lost: 11.4 pounds, 3.2% body fat, and my water percentage went up 2.3%!

Brad has started training for his half Ironman during this round.

Brad lost: 11 pounds, 1.1% body fat (he was already really, really lean), and his water percentage went up 1.6%!

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