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When I saw results on social media that people were losing 10-12 pounds IN ONE MONTH, feeling better, more confident and healthier, I literally couldn't believe it.

I've never been a "dieter." I don't think diets work and don't believe in them. I've never been able to lose weight without counting calories and exercising like a crazy person so to be completely honest, I thought the Whole30 was just another diet fad that would fade away. Instead, I learned so much more about food, how it reacts with your body and how to make a real lifestyle change. I believe in lifestyle changes and this was the start of a great one for our family!

I know you are just here for the results so let's get to it!



Overall, we do feel much better. Normally after a trip or vacation, we come home feeling terrible about ourselves from over indulging on our trips, eating out at every meal, and skipping exercise. Not this time! We felt super happy about how well we did while traveling. We found options every time we ate out, our families were supportive and helped provide food we could eat and we never felt deprived...except on date night when all I wanted was a glass of wine.

I mentioned on our Whole30-ish Journey post on Monday how you don't have to feel guilty about saying no. I actually started feeling confident about saying no. I didn't shy away from turning down a beer or pasta salad that looked terribly delicious. Then once we started SEEING results, it helped us keep going.

ACHES & PAINS: My knees would hurt so much going up and down steps. Running was killer and I was just over it. I figured it was from extra weight from being pregnant last year and gaining (XXX too many) pounds. I really focused on seeing how I felt during the Whole30 and I can say my knees don't hurt nearly as much! Whether it was the food or weight loss, who knows, but I feel better.

SLEEP: This was something we didn't expect. We have been sleeping SO MUCH BETTER doing the Whole30! I used to toss and turn so much. Not really anymore, or at least I don't notice it. I have a Fitbit and it did show less movement throughout the night during the Whole30 than before!

CLOTHES: They definitely fit so much better! I had a swimsuit I bought last summer when I was about 4 months post-partum and it was huge when I put it on midway through our Whole30-ish journey. That was definitely a mood booster!

ROUTINE: We've all, but stop snacking for the most part! We still miss dessert after meals, but the cravings are far less.

WEIGHT: So I know this is why you are here. How much weight did they actually lose? Well, I am PUMPED to say that we both met our goal!

I (Allie) did not exercise during the Whole30 (which is terrible, I know. I was lazy.) so my results are solely from changing my eating habits.

I lost: 10 pounds, 3.1% body fat and my water percentage went up 2%!

Brad did exercise and started his marathon training during the Whole30.

Brad lost: 11.8 pounds, 2.5% body fat and his water percentage went up 1.9%!

Will we do this again? 100%. We have even made a family decision to stay as Whole30 compliant as possible, but not stress as much about marinades, when we are out and about and at friend gatherings. We will make the best choice as possible (IE: leave off the bread and cheese on a burger at a cookout, get a salad instead of fries at a restaurant, etc.) We will allow ourselves wine and beer occasionally and I FINALLY get to eat sweets here and there. We want to keep up our progress and teach Strouse House Baby about healthy eating habits.

So there it is, folks. We did it.

What were your results?

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