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Traveling Without My Camera | Strouse House Rambles

I guess I should preface this with a disclaimer that I meant my DSLR camera. That's the camera I left at home. I did have my cell phone with me to take some photos.

Last week, I tagged along with Brad to Charleston, SC on his work trip. I decided, in an effort to minimize the amount of luggage I was carrying and to be more present, to leave my camera at home. I knew Charleston was gorgeous and the picture opportunities were going to be endless. However, I wanted to take in the beauty with my eyes instead of through a viewfinder.

(I was also traveling solo since Brad was working, so I didn't want to look like an open target for someone to mug. Ha!)

It felt strange. I constantly felt like I was forgetting something.

However, it was refreshing.

I felt truly present as I toured the city. I felt as if I could really take in the sights. I wasn't constantly worried about taking pictures. I didn't feel weighted down by my equipment and I felt I could pop into a restaurant without looking like I was moving in for a week.

I was just present. Just me, my purse and my iPhone. Oh, and a magazine when I felt awkward drinking alone.

Now, I am a photographer at heart, so I couldn't NOT take ANY photos. I Instagrammed a few, but they were all taken on my iPhone.


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