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That "Quietly Playing Until You Realized What Happened" Picture | Strouse House Rambles

We are finally on our first full week family vacation. As we were unpacking, we left Strouse House Baby playing quietly on the floor...or so we thought. We turned around and she had pulled out all of the wipes from her pack. ๐Ÿ˜‚ We couldn't stop laughing and we're pretty sure this picture will make it into her wedding day slideshow 30 years from now.

We all have pictures like this from our childhood and those pictures did end up in our rehearsal dinner slide show. When I started thinking about this - I went on a hunt for my picture. My "quietly playing until you realized what happened" picture. From what my mom told me, I was quietly playing in my room. I somehow acquired a bottle of baby powder that I continued to shake until it had covered the entire bed I was sitting on and my self. My mom mentioned laughing hysterically as she got out the camera to snap this photo.

While I don't remember this actually happening, this picture is burned in my memory as a reminder that a quiet baby playing alone is something to worry about.

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I believe everyone has a photo like this. Show us yours on our FB page!

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