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Stella Mae Strouse | Year 2 | Strouse House Baby

We often get asked -- "Why don't you post more photos of Stella or let anyone else?"

I feel like that is such a loaded and personal question (so loaded that it'll one day have its own blog post). I have my own reasons and Brad has his.

At the end of the day, it all comes down too this.

Because we don't have too, and we are allowed to say "please don't post that photo" to others without feeling guilty.

However, we do like to share some here and there. Today is one of those times because Stella Mae is turning TWO on Wednesday!

This has been a year of discovery ... and teeth. My word, this girl got ALL HER TEETH within a few months. At times, she had MULTIPLE molars and front teeth come in at a time. She was a trooper and lived off of pouches a good bit of that time. And now, she has the most precious gapped-tooth smile you've ever seen.

Over the last year, my favorite thing has been watching her vocabulary expand and watching her grown into her own person. Each week, she has a new phrase and/or word. Right now, she loves saying "I love you," "where are you," and "awww, man." This year, she has mastered her grandparent's names and she's working on her aunts', uncles' and cousins' names.

I also love seeing how kind, sweet and (let's be honest) sassy she has become. She is truly the most perfect mix of Brad and me -- and for that, I am truly thankful.

She is a little momma and loves her baby dolls. She says "aww" to every baby she sees and is the most polite little lady I've ever met. She says "hi" as she walks past people and "thank you" to everyone, regardless of how big or small her request was. (I have to thank Ms. Kim for her manners and kindness. :-D)

I was just telling a friend this weekend how fun it's been watching her grow, learn and explore at this age. I am thrilled to see what the next year holds.

Happy (early) birthday, my bella. We love you more than words can express.


Want to see more of Stella? Click here: #StrouseHouseBaby

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