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Stella Mae Strouse | Year 3 | Strouse House Baby

How do I even begin to write this post? I have so many things to say, yet I can't quite figure out how to form the words.

In short, I am in awe of our little human. She is the most caring, funny and loving little three-year-old I've ever met. She listens (at times), she helps around the house and she loves a good schedule.

This year, she has blossomed into a lovely "threenager". She still looks just like her daddy, but have one little conversation with her and you'll see that her personality definitely comes from her mom.

She has a "Stella" doll, who she appropriately named "Big Baby Stella", that she adores more than life itself. Stella and "Big Baby Stella" spent their evenings playing swim lessons (accurately dressed in Stella's and all), pretending to "get cupcakes with Ellie" (best friend Ellie or cousin wasn't specified), and helping us cook in the kitchen.

Over the last year, she transitioned into traditional daycare, and we said good-bye to our beloved Ms. Kim. Luckily, we live so close we still get to see her! At her daycare, she flourished making new friends and new teachers, whom we still adore. (Looking at you: Ms. Dixie, Ms. Arly, Ms. Meeka, Ms. Kari, Ms. Sadie, and Ms. Ashley.)

Earlier this year, we made a hard decision to leave her daycare due to finances, and we were blessed to find Ms. Crissy, who has been an angel sent from Heaven. She treats Stella as her own, helped us potty train her and spoils her rotten.

That's right, you read it. Our big girl is 100% potty trained! It was a solid five-month process, but we made it!

Throughout 2018 and 2019, Stella has learned to ride her tricycle, play soccer, take dance, take gymnastics, learn how to swim (in progress), and treat others with kindness.

We absolutely LOVE the stage and season of life we are in. It's a season of conversations with temper tantrums sprinkled throughout.

To celebrate our big occasion, Stella will be joining me (Allie) at "Bring Your Kid to Work" Day at my office. Then, we will be off to the zoo and finishing up with a small family dinner.

Take a peek at our big three-year-old girl!

We could see Stella being a teacher, nurse, baker, swimming instructor or a photographer when she grows up. We are pumped to be there when it happens.

Birthday girl
(Left) Stella at 2 | (Right) Stella at 3

Happy Birthday, Stella Mae.


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