S Family | Midlothian Mines Portraits

One of the unexpected perks of having Strouse House Baby in a small, private, in-home daycare is the relationships we have formed with the other parents. Baby A is one of SHB's best daycare friends and we were honored to take some photos prior to her first birthday last weekend.

The S family met us at Lake Lothian on what has to be one of the most humid October days on record. Late afternoon baby shoots are always a roll of the dice and we were informed that Baby A hadn't napped well that day, but she posed like champ the entire time! We made our way around the lake as she gave us smile after smile blowing raspberries all the while. She loved making funny faces at her dad and Brad could be found behind the camera jingling her favorite set of keys to keep her attention.

A quick costume change in the middle of the woods gave us the best outfit of the day - custom pink tutu with her very own birthday crown! A breeze finally started to blow through as the S Family posed on the wooden bridge over the lake. The lighting and our models were so great that it was hard to end the shoot. I think Baby A's first phrase could possibly be, "Make sure to get my good side!"

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Allie & Brad Strouse

VENUE: Lake Lothian/Midlothian Mines

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