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Saying No & Why It's Ok! | Strouse House Rambles

Allie and Brad Strouse of Strouse Photogrpahy

When we first started on our photography journey, we said yes to just about anything! We wanted to try everything we could.

After testing the waters in all photography fields and after hearing some inspiring words from JORDAN and AMY DEMOS at their workshop four years ago, we felt it was more important to focus on the photography fields we absolutely loved and wanted to grow in! We learned from that workshop that it's OK to say no to a session you aren't comfortable shooting. It's OK to say no to a certain field you aren't interested in, and it's OK to focus your talents and strengths on getting stronger at what you love. We LOVE WEDDINGS. We LOVE ENGAGEMENT sessions. And we LOVE PORTRAIT sessions! So, that's where you'll find us -- doing what we love. We are also SUPER interested in real estate photography so you may see us trying that out in the future!

Does this mean this is all that we will ever do? Heck no! We may discover that we love something else and we'll jump into that area.

We'll continue to grow and try new things. We hope you stick around to see what all we'll end up doing!


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