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Our Word of the Year | Strouse House Rambles

2018 was "The Year of No Big Life Changes" because for the last ten years -- we had a major life change each year.

We used 2018 to focus on our personal goals, celebrate "me time" and become content with no changes.

And we did just that.

  • Brad focused on completing his first Half Iron Man.

  • I focused on mental health, exercising for me and not for a number on the scale, and completing a full marathon.

  • Stella focused on entering preschool.

  • Dexter focused on not destroying the house.

  • Fitz focused on having her own space and not pooping on the carpet

2018 ended up being a great year. We took the time to do things like enjoy early morning soccer practice and swim lessons. We traveled with and without Stella. We really looked into how we want to live our lives.

2018 did not go without its heartbreak. We lost my Papa. We struggled with work-life balance. We were confronted with "are our dreams were still our dreams?".

All of those things led us to 2019 where we decided our word of the year is:


We want that word to be seen throughout our entire lives.

  • Quality time:

  • We want to spend more quality time together as a family, as a couple, as a mom/daughter team, as a dad/daughter team, and as pet parents. We will focus on Saturdays outside the home and Sundays at church. We will focus on traveling to see our family who is all over the country. We will focus on couples trips.

  • Quality space:

  • We want to make sure our home brings us joy (thanks "KonMari Method"). We will rearrange until we feel like we can take a deep breathe and be content.

  • Quality possessions:

  • ​We will use the "KonMari Method" to be sure that the things we own bring us joy. We will go step by step through the method until we feel joy in every item in our home. So far, we've done our clothes and accessories, books, cds, DVDs, sentimental items, attic, our coat closet and linen closet. It feels so good! We are about halfway done with our house.

  • Quality products:

  • We will try to buy products that we feel are quality made instead of the cheapest option. For instance: We love Lamplighter Coffee so we want to budget to buy their coffee instead of the cheapest one at the store.

I foresee 2019 being a great year. Less stress and more joy.

How do you see your 2019?


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