The Importance of Daily Routines and Morning Rituals

We are creatures of habit in the Strouse Household so every single morning you can find us doing the exact same things. Sometimes, it's almost as if we are the cars at Disneyland, running through our mornings on a hidden "track" with very little deviation to one side or the other.

I'm a huge fan of podcasts and the Tim Ferriss podcast is one of my favorites. He interviews celebrities and important people from all walks of life, breaking down their habits and tools for success. Check out his podcast page here. One of the biggest tips I've taken from his talks is about removing choice from your morning routines. We are faced with hundreds of decisions each day so the fewer small decisions we have to spend energy on the more mental capacity we have for the decisions that count. By running through every morning like a well rehearsed play, it allows us to accomplish a ton, leave the house with the extreme amount of stuff needed for a baby and two working professionals, and come home to a peaceful and relatively clean house.

Here is the play by play:

5-6 AM - Alarm goes off. If it's a long run day then I throw on my shoes and head out the door. If it's during wedding season then Allie is likely waking up to edit pictures.

6-6:30 - Showers and I start the coffee. We like our coffee dark and strong with a hint of cinnamon in the grounds for flavor. I drink mine black and Allie takes hers with a splash of almond milk. (Or if we aren't Whole30-ing it up, Allie will add her favorite coffee creamer.)

6:30-7 - Breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, fruit and coffee. Every. single. morning.

7-7:30 - Strouse House Baby awakes and announces her presence loudly. Allie will get her up and clothed while I get her breakfast ready.

7:30-8 - Lunches are made and dishes are washed.

8-8:15 - Time to choose an outfit. I have several classic go-tos that I rotate during the work week depending on whether it's an office day, work from home day, or meeting day. We try to keep our closets minimal and instead focus on clothes that will stand the test of time. (This is a new development for Allie. Her side used to be bursting at the seams, but over the last year - she's really focused on having a specific wardrobe instead of "fit everything I can into my closet".

8:15ish - Out the door (hopefully). We carpool as much as possible since our offices are separated by 1/2 a mile. We throw briefcases, lunch bags, diaper bags, totes, and travel coffee mugs in the car and head for daycare then on to work.

What else helps us? We have a daily morning checklist on our fridge of the items we need to get done. This includes: Eat breakfast, make lunches, etc. This list helps us not to forget to turn off the coffee pot, lock the door and make sure the oven is off on our way out the door,

This routine allows us to sit down at our desks with a calm and prepared mind. Before we had these steps in place, we were constantly rushing out the door, forgetting vital items, and spending the whole car ride fuming in silent frustration at the other person's perceived tardiness. Now, we get to enjoy the morning commute as we sip coffee and talk about the exciting things the day holds!

What are your daily rituals? Does your morning look similar to our controlled chaos?


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