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Meeting Monte Durham | Strouse House Rambles

Working in radio as my day job, I got the chance to make a commercial for VA Bride Magazine's Bridal Show that was at the end of February. I was excited that my two jobs were colliding as we were going to be vendors at the show! I was also excited because the commercial I wrote mentioned Monte Durham was going to be the special guest at the show!

::Shameless Name Dropping Ahead::

Working in radio has allowed me to meet my fair share of celebrities like:

Katy Perry

Trey Songz

Rob Schneider

...just to name a few. Not to mention I've chatted with Lady Gaga and Kesha too.

I've been pleasantly surprised that each and every one I met was nice, thrilled to be doing radio tours and engaging.

Then - Brad and I met Monte Durham at the Va Bride Magazine show and I was in awe.

He went around to every single vendor's booth to say hello, snap a selfie and wish us a great show. He was genuine and so sweet!

Our booth happened to be right next to the Omni Homestead booth (ask for Rachel if you decide to get married there!) where Monte was stationed throughout the show. I was so impressed to watch him meet with every single person that lined up to see him, have a conversation with them and flash his sparkly whites in a selfie for each bride.

I know how exhausting these shows can be and I applaud Monte for taking the time to come to Richmond, VA to see our incredible brides.

After seeing him on Say Yes to the Dress, I was so happy to know now he was just as amazing in person as he was on TV!

Thanks, Monte!

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