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Marie Kondo Changed Our Lives | Strouse House Rambles

Years ago, I heard about this "sort with joy" organizational method. I thought I understood the concept, so I just went through my stuff saying "yup, this is good. I'll keep it." However, I didn't realize HOW much I was missing by not reading her book.

Fast forward to January 1 when her Netflix special came on. I told Brad that we should watch because we needed something light in the evenings to watch as we wound down from work. I had already started my new year purge, which I do every year, and thought I might get some tips to keep going.

Boy, did I.

We binged the season and immediately started to KonMarie our house in the order she suggested.

It was not quick, y'all. It took us a WHOLE MONTH. All day on the weekends and after work. However, it was worth it.

We spent our evenings after KonMaring sipping tea or wine on the couch while reading. We spent our mornings drinking coffee on our front porch. Life slowed down. Peace had finally come over our house.

DISCLAIMER: We haven't made it through our paper or photos yet. So we aren't all-stars. But it's on my list, lol!

Towards the end of our month of KonMaring, I wanted to know more about why we are doing things the way she suggested, and I rented her book from the library.

SHE STRAIGHT UP CALLED ME OUT in her book. She was recounting things she did before she got to the place she is now, and I'll be darned...I do the same thing!

  • I give away things to friends and family members because I have trouble donating them.

  • I organized things until my face turned blue, only for stuff to return messy in no time.

  • I didn't purge categories fully before so I would have piles of similar things in different areas of the house. I didn't realize how much I actually had.

Luckily, her book wasn't intended to make you feel bad about yourself. Quite the opposite. She wrote it to show that she's just like you, and if she can change, so can you.

I will continue to swear by her methods and use it throughout all seasons of our life.

Have you KonMaried your house?


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