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Kaitlyn + Jon | The Manor House at Kings Charter Wedding | Mechanicsville, Virginia

The leaves have begun to change in Richmond, but we have yet to get a taste of cool weather due to these tropical storms. Luckily the rain held off for Kaitlyn and Jon's wedding this past weekend at The Manor House. The cloud cover acted as a natural diffuser and it didn't hurt that we had a gorgeous couple in front of the camera. The recipe for a perfect wedding!

Kaitlyn, her sister, and her mom stopped by our booth at a bridal show over a year and a half ago and since that moment we've been anxiously awaiting their wedding day. Kaitlyn and Jon are so much fun together and after seeing their family and friends, we can tell they are really the life of the party. Not only are they vintage Hollywood glamorous and fun to be around, but they are extremely punctual and detail-oriented. It's rare for the groom and groomsmen to be together, in the right location, at the correct time, but these guys arrived at the exact right time to the minute! A majority of the decor and even some of the food was hand crafted by Kaitlyn with some help from her mom and sister. Funky signs, ALL of the desserts, and even the girls' bouquets/guys' boutonnieres were made with love by the Gemmell women.

The groom/groomsmen began the afternoon with a little football. After donning their navy blue suits, they switched to a more gentlemanly sport - sipping expensive Scotch. The stone floors and large wooden hearths added a classic charm to these "Sean Connery-esque" men. The bride/bridesmaids spent their morning in hair and makeup with Caked by Caly and their laughter could be heard throughout the house.

The first look took place in the Japanese blossom garden. While most first looks are meant to be an intimate time between the couple, an audience of neighborhood kids peeked through the fence and offered cheers for every kiss and parting congratulations as we headed to a different part of the yard. The ceremony soon began on the lawn with Kaitlyn making a long walk from the front of the house. A close friend was the officiant and earlier in the day, he nudged the single groomsmen to hurry up with their wedding proposals ... his certificate expires in a few weeks. The short, yet memorable ceremony ended with a kiss and a classic Blink-182 song was the soundtrack for their smile-filled recessional.

Cocktail hour on the porch led to an amazing buffet dinner and before we knew it, the dance floor was full and stayed that way the entire night, thanks to Seth from Bowtied Weddings. Young, old, wheel chair bound; it did not matter when the time came to dance, everyone was on the floor. The DJ moved from classic hits to club favorites, including two special dedication songs that had certain wedding party members singing at the top of their lungs.

Remember the desserts we mentioned earlier? Kaitlyn's mom spent two full days making cupcakes and pies - even staying up until 1 & 2 in the morning. There were varieties of chocolate, vanilla, and pumpkin cupcakes plus pecan and pumpkin pie!

After dessert and a few more songs, it was time for the last dance. It was every guy at the back of the bar's favorite - Free Bird! Epic air guitar solos and dance moves followed and as the last note rang out, most guests needed a few seconds to catch their breath.

Kaitlyn and Jon exited the Manor House in a shower of sparks and jumped into the back of an uncle's Model A. The open air jump seat offered a perfect place to share one final kiss and then wave to their guests as they sped off.

Kaitlyn and Jon are such an amazing couple and it's easy to tell how much love they share for each other, their family, and friends. We wish you nothing, but the best in your new lives as husband and wife and we so enjoyed getting to play a part in your special day!

CREATIVES PHOTOGRAPHERS | Allie & Brad Strouse of Strouse Photography VENUE | The Manor House at Kings Charter COORDINATOR | Mary Jane Spagnolo OFFICIANT | Steven Irving MAKE UP | Caked By Caly

ENTERTAINMENT | Bow Tied Weddings

CATERING | Edward's Catering FLOWERS | DIY by Bride, Sister & Mom


HAIR | Shauna ALLURE BRIDAL DRESS | Bridal Elegance VA

BRIDE'S SHOES | Nina BRIDSMAIDS' DRESSES | David's Bridal TUX | The Groom's Corner

RINGS | Diamond's DIrect

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