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Emotional Rollercoaster of being a Photographer | Strouse House Rambles

Being a photographer is no easy picnic. However, there are days it feels like a piece of cake.

You know, those days that you meet a client and "click".

Those days that you nail a wedding, knowing you knocked it out of the park and got portfolio-worthy photos.

Those days that you post a blog and your bride fills the comments with heart emojis followed by her friends and family complimenting all the photos you selected.

Those days when you get out-of-the-blue reviews raving about your services.

Those days that a wedding you shot ends up in Virginia Bride Magazine.

Those days give you the warm fuzzies.

Then. There is always a then.

Then, there are days your editing seems to be piled higher than the laundry you forgot to put away.

Those days that include a to-do list full of challenging conversations with potential clients. A list that includes tasks to respond to emails that say "we love you, but we went in a different direction", to file taxes, to do your bookkeeping, to build a marketing plan.

Those days that you go to bridal shows, spend hours talking to potential brides to not book any of them after following up multiple times. (This has happened to us!)

Those days you spend wondering if you can be a "real" wedding photographer as a full-time job.

Then. Luckily, there's always another then.

Then, there are days that remind you why you do.

Those days when you get a "thank you" email that brings you to tears.

Those days that your clients tell you that they felt like you truly captured their love.

Those days that you find an image in a wedding you shot that stops you dead in your tracks.

At the end of the day, the "piece of cake days" far outweigh the challenging ones. And who wants every day to be a "piece of cake"? Even the biggest "sweet tooths" (intentionally writing "tooth" instead of "teeth") get tired of sugar every once in a while.

Wedding after wedding after wedding, we are reminded that being a photographer is what fulfills us. It brings us joy, it brings others joy and that is why we never want to stop doing.

What is your "why" as a photographer or your "why" to keep hustling at your passion?

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