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Early in our adult working lives Allie and I both did our time in the minimum wage masses. Allie spent many years in retail at a "gently used" clothing retailer and I spent my early 20's hopping from restaurant to restaurant as a server. Those years taught us many things, but most important of all - the value of customer service and creating a memorable experience/interaction for our clients.

From the very beginning of Strouse Photography, we knew this business was going to be about more than capturing memories. We wanted our couples to feel like their happiness was our first priority and on their special day there is no one more important than them. There are many great photographers out there so beyond providing the highest quality images possible, we also wanted to make service a tenant of a customer experience. We want couples to focus on the joy a wedding day provides and let us sweat the small stuff. Whether it be tissues in the middle of allergy season, a quick bite to eat between family photos, someone to hold ring bearer/dog leashes or corralling large groups for family photos...we got you covered.

One of the many things I learned in the restaurant world is the art of anticipating needs. No restaurant guest wants to ask for every refill, condiment, or piece of silverware. They want to talk with their friends, enjoy a great meal, and feel like their well being is important to the wait staff. Taking care of the little things and anticipating needs allows for an effortless dining experience and shows your guests that you are focused on providing them the best dining experience possible. Be it a fine dining restaurant in Carytown or the Olive Garden up the street.

The same thing goes for wedding day. Brides and Grooms spend months and sometimes years scrutinizing every detail of their big day so when the actual day arrives they want to hand over their best laid plans to the vendor team they've assembled to carry out their vision. We strive to be a silent extension of their hands and minds. Always in the background ready to snap a picture of the sisters of Alpha Chi or bustle the dress to allow for freedom of expression through dance.

Focus on the fun and let us be stressed for you! No problem is too small or distance too far to run for a bride who forgot her hairbrush. We got you.

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