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Breaking Up with Instagram | Strouse House Rambles

I love Instagram. I think it's vital to our business and it helps up build relationships.

I also hate Instagram and it's tight grip it held onto me. Every time I picked up my phone, I was clicking Instagram. When I was supposed to be playing with our Strouse House baby, I picked up my phone to mindless scroll through Instagram. I would mindless scroll through Instagram when I woke up and when I went to bed. I felt anxiety when I would miss posts or not see a new story. And that is when I decided I need to break up with it. When it started causing me stress and FOMO. It was time to disconnect and come back to the real world. Experience life through my eyes instead of my iPhones lens.

So, just as I deleted Facebook off my phone a few months ago, I am following suit with Instagram. I deleted Instagram off my phone.

Actually, I deleted all social media off my phone.

And it's been awesome. I am spending less time on my phone. I am leaving my phone out of reach and I am feeling so much better. About my self, about my time spent with the people I love the most., about life.

However, just because I deleted Instagram off my phone, doesn't mean I'll stop using it. I just deleted it from the most accessible place. I will still be using it because let's face it. I love it, but I will be doing so intentionally. Until I start feeling better about it, I'll just be using it when I am at a desktop. I will be using it to specifically post some pictures or limit our scroll to five minutes on the desktop version. And if you see Insta-stories popping up,

I am desperately trying to focus on being in the moment this year and experience Strouse House Baby and our time with her live and in person.

So, Instagram, as they's not you. It's me. And for now, it's time to break up. Kinda. It's time to break up with you on my phone. There, that's more like it.

#StrouseHouseRambles #FOMO #socialmedia

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