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B Family | Fredericksburg, VA Familly Portraits

Weather for photoshoots in February is always a gamble. Photoshoots with a 13 month old are always a gamble. The B family was willing to take that bet, and it paid off in a major way!

We made the trip North from Richmond, and they made the trip South from Baltimore, meeting at Old Mill Park in Fredericksburg. The weather was foggy, muddy, overcast and 20 degrees cooler than the weatherman promised. (Allie and I were rocking goosebumps because of our shorts.) Luckily, the B family came prepared with sweaters and a stroller full of baby necessities like boogie wipes and stuffed toys.

We worked our way around the park with Allie taking pictures and Brad mostly making silly faces and goofy smiles. We quickly found out that Baby B is also a huge fan of "Bubble Guppies" like #strousehousebaby so I whipped out all of the popular songs like "Time For Lunch", "Line Up Everyone" and the classic "Intro Song" which brought smiles and giggles to everyone involved.

The little man recently celebrated his birthday with independent steps of his own and one month later he is off to the races. Every puddle was a target, every rock had to be picked up and every steep ravine was a chance to practice his mountaineering. He loved when his mom dipped him upside down and when his dad tossed him in the air. A daredevil in baby jeans!

As our time came to a close, we got a chance to reminisce about this couple's beautiful April wedding a few years ago and swapped tips about daycare germs. Baby B was such a good sport, and it was so fun to see a little boy in his element...muddy, carefree, and full of curiosity.

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