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Are we bad parents? | Strouse House Rambles

Yesterday, we had an amazing Easter. #StrouseHouseBaby woke up to a basket from the "Easter Bunny," we went to our church service downtown (which was amazing) and then had Easter brunch with my family. After a family nap, we ran 5 miles together, grocery shopped and did some chores. It was a great day.

But that's not why we are here today. Let's rewind for a minute to that Easter basket from the "Easter Bunny." I am going to share a few things...posed as rhetorical questions.

Are we bad parents if, in said Easter basket, half the stuffed animals were ones she already had but forgotten about?

Are we bad parents if there might have been a few things in there from someone else? Things that she received, said "thank you," played with and then (because we traveled since) packed up?

Are we bad parents if we let her pick out a present the day before, then popped it in the Easter basket as to say it was from the bunny?

Are we bad parents if we straight up lost track of time and didn't realize Easter was THIS WEEKEND so we had to pull together some things to make a basket?

I am going to be conceited here and say - NO. We are not.

Life happens. We get busy. And quite frankly, she's two and won't remember, nor care, at this point in her life that some of the gifts were repeats.

Plus, my family had plenty of other treats for her so she definitely did not go treatless.

If anything, we are trying hard to maintain our resolution of "less stuff in the house." This just happened to be a way to do it.

So, nah, I don't think we are bad parents. Just parents trying to keep it together.

Happy (belated) Easter!

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