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Over the last few years, we have been testing out a new service to offer our brides and grooms - our CANDID BOOTH!

We like to tell people it's an alternative to the traditional photo booth.

It's like a traditional photo booth in the sense that there are props, hats, masks, boas, etc. with backdrops, boards to write messages, and more! The pictures are hilarious and add some fun to your reception.

It's different from a traditional photo booth because you don't have to squeeze into a tiny space, there's room for lots of people, there's an actual photographer taking the pictures and you get the pictures BEFORE all your wedding pictures! We turn these "candid booth" pictures around in 2 weeks so you have some pictures to tide you over until all your photos are ready!

That's right, when you book our candid booth, you get a 3rd (assistant) photographer! This photographer floats between Brad and me throughout the day and then at the reception, they are at your candid booth getting pictures of all your guests! We decided to go with this option so the candid booth doesn't take Brad or me away from attending to you and your bride/groom.

Add our candid booth on while going through pricing menu under section 2 - (email us for the link to our pricing menu)!!

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