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Sectional sofas. I absolutely love them. Growing up, we had a giant L-shaped navy one that was in my childhood home's room-above-the-garage. Which makes me question what happened to it when we moved to Richmond. Mom?! WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT HEAVENLY COUCH?

I love sectionals so much that once we got married, we saved to buy one. A sectional. In a small, two bedroom apartment. Clearly, we aren't interior designers. We were, however, comfort designers of our own home. So, we got this MASSIVE sectional that happened to fit just right in that apartment. We even got the ottoman to go with it because it was free. When you put the ottoman and couch together, it was a sofa that dreams were made out of.

That couch came with us to RVA when we moved in 2013. It fit great in our rental house, and we loved it.

Then, we bought our house. We thought the couch would be perfect because the living room was huge. And it worked for the first three years. We moved it all around the living room, trying different configurations that felt just right.

Then, our Strouse House Baby came along and grew into a toddler with a ton of toys. We now needed room for all those toys, and that sectional, well -- it just didn't work anymore.

So back in June 2017, we started talking about getting rid of the couch. By this point, the "leather" started to peel and that's when we realized we were sold a "bonded leather" couch. I ended up finding a great cover for it to extend it's life with us a bit longer.

By Christmas, we had to get rid of our old couch. I was so over it. It was just too big. I also decided that I was in a style transition so the red/black theme I had going on for more than 10 years HAD TO GO. I will say that I suck at interior designing, and I think the red/black theme was proof. Ha! Where did I get my inspiration? A black widow? Moving on...

We posted the couch, all our rugs, pillows, blankets, and a side table on Facebook. These nice college-aged guys came and picked it up right away. They were more than pumped, and they didn't mind that the couch was peeling since I gave them the cover to go with it. I'll admit that I had a small ting of sadness seeing it go, but then I saw all the space in our room. I was overjoyed.

We were so anxious to get rid of the couch that we didn't bother to line-up the timeline of getting a new one when the old one left. Whoops.

Being the genius people we are, we simply put in some tailgating chairs in called it a day. No need for another couch.

Just kidding.

Over the last 6 months, I visited every single furniture store in Richmond or online. I wanted a sectional still, but it had to be much smaller. I discovered a convertible/revisable sectional, and my search was drastically narrowed. I liked this one at Rooms to Go, this one at Haynes, and this one at American Freight. After re-visiting these stores a number of times, I realized my heart was set on the American Freight one, regardless of the reviews. So, we got it! And, it's so perfect I could cry.

We then began the hunt for a new rug. I wanted a huge one to cover the entire living room. I wasn't sure we could afford it until my interior design friend told me to look at Rugs USA. I found the one I wanted in a 12 foot x 15 foot size AND it was 50% off! I spent my New Years Eve ordering it.

Then, we waited.

Oh, but what HAD to happen? A snow storm that delayed my beautiful rug a week! Alas, it finally arrived, and I couldn't be more happy.

Artwork was up next. I loved the large picture we had, but I didn't feel like it went well with the room. So, I went to the At Home store in Chesterfield Town Center. I was prepared to spend a pretty penny to get a great size piece of artwork when I found the one below at 50% off! It was $40, y'all! While there, I also got some storage tots and a small piece of art for above Stella's table.

In between all of this, I was dying to get a mustard yellow pillow. Brad gave me a Crate and Barrel gift card that he had won at a work party so I found the perfect pillow there.

It has all come together and we are beyond excited to share it with you.

So without further ado, enjoy these before and afters of our living room.

Drawn picture from the talented Stephanie James.

Fun Fact - This little seat was made by my Papa. It turns into a desk and is a toy chest!

Now, the pictures you were waiting on - Before vs. After

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