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BEFORE: Master Bathroom Renovation | Strouse House Tour

Remember our blog post several weeks ago regarding our guest bath renovation? We were so jealous of our guests getting all the new luxuries that we decided to update our master bath sooner rather than later!

Our master bathroom (as you will see below) was dated.

I couldn't stand going in there every day to get ready.

One of our three towel racks (who needs three?) has a dent in it where someone fell trying to get out of the shower. The false drawer on the vanity was coming loose and the flooring...oh, the flooring. It's just early 2000s.

Don't get me started on the shower stall. I am embarrassed to show it to you because it's legit disgusting. However, I feel it'll give the after photos more appeal by seeing the before. Trust me, it looks much better and is much cleaner now than when we took these photos. You'll just have to wait until later this week to see it. (Aren't we so nice?)

What do you think of our before and my lack of decorating skills?

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