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Marriage Year Six | Strouse House Chronicles

Allie - Six years of marriage. I almost can't believe it. How has six years already passed? Then I think about what has happened in those six years and I can believe it. Between once in a lifetime vacations, cross country moves, new jobs and a baby, I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Brad - I've learned many lessons over our six years of marriage and most important is to be yourself and love your spouse for who they are, for better or worse (mostly better...) This year we've finally admitted to ourselves that "gift giving" is not either of our love languages. Early on we put a ton of pressure on ourselves to pick the perfect gift and likely spent way too much money on items that have since been lost in moves or to the sands of time. This year instead of buying gifts we gave each other the gift of quality time and new memories with our little family. We road tripped, spent time with family, and spent time telling Stella stories about our wedding weekend. To me that's worth more than a thousand trinkets. Cheers to six years!


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