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AFTER: Guest Bathroom Renovation | Strouse House Tour

Accomplishment is the overwhelming feeling I get looking at this bathroom. To go from this piling, outdated bathroom to the one below makes my heart flutter.

We saved for nine months after setting a plan in place in order to get this bathroom fixed. We picked out everything ourselves. We hired contractors and put up the hardware ourselves. We "adulted" and we "adulted" hard.

This guest bathroom renovation technically started about a year ago when we asked our contractor to come over to give us some quotes. We absolutely loved him. He did a ton of projects for us since we had moved in and he was flawless. After our meeting, it took about a month for us to hear back and we found out he was moving. We were devastated. We went through FIVE contractor meetings to find him back in June 2014 when we needed to add an attic door, a loft in our storage area and some odd and end projects around the house. FIVE. Some people didn't show, others quoted us a ridiculous amount of money and the rest weren't personality matches for us. The contractor we ended up loving was THE BEST.

Alas, our search had to restart.

With Brad working at EastCoast Entertainment, he gets to meet a ton of people. Through one of his networking groups he met several contractors who we had meetings with. We couldn't get our timelines aligned so the search continued.

Then one day, we met someone in passing on the way to pick up our Strouse House Baby. He was (is) a contractor!! He came over, was super professional, our age and a great personality match! His quote was delivered to us within hours of him visiting, was completely within our budget and we immediately moved forward!

He sent us to pick our tiles and in our process we decided we needed all new hardware for the bathroom, too. Luckily, we over budgeted and was able to afford it. Those pieces aren't cheap!

Our contractor came, demo-ed and installed the tile mid-May. They were done in 2 days! Next up, we had Closet Factory come in to install the vanity. Through my day job at the radio station, I endorse Closet Factory. That means in exchange for doing the "first person" endorsing radio commercials on the schedule they purchase, I get Closet Factory products. They have done so much for us! We have an AWESOME murphy bed from them along with all of our closets, entertainment center and more. I'll save those for another post.

Following Closet Factory, Empire Granite installed the counter tops and finally, we installed the hardware (towel rack, toilet paper holder, etc.) I have to give my dad a major shout out for spending his Saturday with Strouse House Baby and me working on this project. Thanks Dad!

Oh, and how can I forget my endless, two week search for the perfect shower curtain! I never knew that would be such a task. I was on a budget and didn't want to spend $25+ on JUST a shower curtain. After coming back to the first store I visited after going to upwards of 7, I decided on THE FIRST curtain I saw! Ha!

So, without further ado, I present you - our newly renovated guest bathroom!

I mean just LOOK at that BEFORE and AFTER! My word it's beautiful! If you like before and afters, you'll love our guest room/office upgrade!

Oh, and because Fitz thinks that room is her domain...see had to get in on the picture action. Some might even say we used her colors as inspiration. Just kidding, that's just a happy coincidence that my OCD appreciates.

Thanks for reading and a SPECIAL thank you to everyone below!

Bathroom Specs:

Tile Work: Allan with THE TILE GUY

Bathroom Vanity: Sue Pike with Closet Factory Richmond

Bathroom Countertop: Jeff with Empire Marble and Granite Co.

Plumbing: Joe with RVA Heating and Cooling

Bathroom Granite: Fantasy Brown

Bathroom Tile: Metro Glacier Glazed Porcelain Tile from Home Depot

Bathroom Paint: Behr - Loft Space Grey from Home Depot

Bathroom Hardware, Faucets and Shower Head : Delta Trinsic Collection (from all over - Amazon, Ferguson and Home Depot.)

Bathroom Mirror: Allen & Roth from Lowes

Bathroom Decor, Towels, Pictures, Rugs and Shower Curtain: At Home Store

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