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The Moment I knew I had to Make a Change | Strouse House Rambles

::Logs onto MYFITNESSPAL.COM for the first time in 3 years.::



I think to myself "Yes, I mean, I move around some during the day, I have a baby. I'm active so that's the right choice."

::Finds FITBIT for the first time in 3 years::

::Tracks STEPS for one day::

"WHAT? I ONLY DID 3000 steps today? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? I could have sworn I did more than that."

::Thinks back to day and realizes sitting was all I did.::


::Goes back to MYFITNESSPAL.COM::


::GRUMBLES:: "Guess I'm not as LIGHTLY ACTIVE as I thought."

::Selects SEDENTARY::


That was the moment I knew I had to make a change.

I knew it would be hard to lose the baby weight I had gained from growing our STROUSE HOUSE BABY, but as a half marathon runner and a wedding photographer, I didn't think it would be THIS HARD. I was (and still am) so frustrated with the last 10 pounds that is hanging on for dear life. I was encouraged that when I stopped breastfeeding it would fall off.

It didn't.

So, last week, I hopped back onto MyFitnessPal and started tracking what I ate. We were already LIMITING OUR SWEETS TO THE WEEKEND, so I didn't think I ate THAT bad.

For the first week, I did well. I stayed in my goals on MyFitnesspal under then assumption I was lightly active!

Then scenario above happened.

My calories allotted for the day went down so I had to get moving! I decided that was the day to make a change. So, I started small.

I removed my chair from my office so I was standing more.

I started challenging my friends on Fitbit.

I printed out a 10K training guide to prep for the Monument Avenue 10K coming up in less than 6 weeks!

I started really paying attention to portion sizes.

By making these little changes here and there, I am moving more. I am eating better and quite honestly, I am feeling a lot better about myself which in the end is the ultimate goal.

I'll get back to that magical pre-baby size one day, but until then - I feel good, I am moving and having fun!

What other small changes can I make?


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