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Because we don't want to miss moments like this...

Social media plays a very important role in our business and also in our daily lives. We use Facebook to re-post blogs, Instagram to display our favorite shots, and our website to serve as an electronic gallery for our photography work. As vital as it is to finding new clients and growing our business, in 2017 we decided to strive for a goal of "Social Media Free" weekends.

We have been attending Hope Church for several years and always love hearing the message on Sunday morning. Several months ago, Hope went through a sermon series on "Sabbath" which struck us straight to the core. We quickly realized how much time we were spending on social media and how much mental energy we spent reading pointless news stories and comparing ourselves to others' "highlight reels". The pastor challenged us to observe the Sabbath on Sundays by staying off social media/email, intentionally spending time with family and loved ones, and purposefully resting to re-center our focus and prepare for the upcoming week.

Long after the sermon series, this intentional focus on using Sunday's to focus on quality time together has really stuck with us. Instead of laying on the couch next to each other checking our feeds, we take walks together, listen to music while playing with our daughter, Facetime with relatives in different cities, and eat meals with our family and friends. Guess what? We didn't miss anything important online!!! Instead of filling our minds with Facebook arguments and celebrity gossip, we now have actual memories of fun trips and "boring" Sunday's spent laughing on the living room floor.

We love our clients and we love even more that no one has fired us for responding first thing Monday morning instead of 8 PM on a Sunday night. In the modern age of constant connection and the hustle and bustle of hundreds of Facebook friends' lives, it's truly freeing to disconnect for a few brief hours to focus on creating memories and building relationships.

Instead of snapchatting back and forth on Sunday, we'd love to laugh with you over a tasty meal or share a new memory while taking a walk in the park. Just make sure to email before midnight on Friday!

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