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The Time We Thought We Could Make Pinterest Worthy Cookies | Strouse House Rambles

Every holiday season, I get a wild hair that makes me feel like I could be a modern day Martha Stewart in the kitchen. This year was no different.

Brad told me yesterday that he needed 2 dozen cookies for the cookie exchange at his DAY JOB. That, of course, meant I had to bake them. (Although, side note, Brad did once say he had to make a cheesecake for a work party and he actually made it himself. He is a great baker. :-D)

So, I began the search for the perfect holiday cookie recipe. I combed through some Better Living magazines, Pampered Chef cook books and finally settled on the the perfect pinterest recipe that promised perfect cookies every time. What could possibly go wrong?

I then double checked that I had every ingredient (for once...I normally start baking to realize half way through that I am missing a key ingredient. I will tell you that googling substitutions never ends well.) For the ingredients I didn't have, I sent Brad to the store.

It was finally time to get started!

I followed the recipe step by step and was stoked to see that the baked portion of the cookies were nearly perfect, just as the perfect pinterest recipe claimed! Not to mention the dough was awesome (and you don't have to chill it, according to the author of the recipe - Katrina.) I just knew I was on the road to success!

It was time to find an icing recipe. I settled on this one. It seemed easy enough. Brad helped me as we started making it and realized it was a bit runny, but it would do. I mean, we aren't bakers so hopefully the consistency would be forgiven.

We realized that decorating the cookies to look Pinterest worthy required baking tools which we didn't have. We used plastic bags and cut off the tip to "pipe" the icing on the cookies. After trying for a good 5 minutes, we decided decorating all cute (actual faces on the snowmen and gingerbread men shapes) wasn't going to happen and swirls looked cool.

Just as we started to do the swirls, we ran out of icing. Apparently, our recipe didn't account for all the wasted icing left in our plastic bags...or our lack of artistic food decorating skills.

Committed to the project, we made more icing and started doing more swirls in different colors.

At a point where we were happy with how the cookies looked, we noticed we still had over half of the second batch of icing left. We aren't ones to waste icing and we weren't going to save it for another batch of cookies. The wild Martha Stewart bug was already dying off. So we decided to add some more swirls in different colors.

We should had stopped at the first batch.

These cookies not only looked like my college dorm room had exploded all over them, there was also enough sugar on each cookie to rot the teeth of a thousand men.

What we were left with was a neon swirl explosion pinterest fail holiday cookie.

But I'll be darned if it wasn't the tastiest pinterest fail I've ever eaten.

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