Why I Spent my Birthday Alone | Strouse House Rambles

I woke up this morning to Facebook messages, texts, snapchats and more all saying happy birthday! Some were followed by "what are you doing today?" and "how are you spending your birthday?" When I replied "I am spending it all by myself doing chores and to-do list stuff", I got mixed reactions.

Normally when people hear the word chores, they think it's a drag. I, when I had more free time, was one of those normal people. Now that I have a baby, those chores get put off and start stacking up causing all kinds of guilt, stress and anxiety. So for my birthday, I wanted one (to two) days where I could spend it completely by myself getting stuff done.

So that's exactly what I got.

From laundry to editing personal pictures to working on Christmas presents, I am spending my day doing exactly what I want. Now, I feel like I can go into the weekend stress free because my to-do list that had been staring me in the face for weeks was finally clear.

Not all birthday gifts need to be material things. Sometimes, they just need to be experiences and "me time" and I couldn't imagine a better way to kick off my 30th birthday than that.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

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