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Moochfanland | Multiple Family Southside Family Portraits

We've attended Hope Church in the West End for several years now and through a number of random encounters and pairings we've found ourselves in an amazing small group of seven "newly married" couples affectionately titled "Moochfanland". The title comes from the various locations represented; Midlothian, Goochland, and The Fan.

In our short time together we've experienced new marriages, pregnancies/births, vacations, and so much more. We love doing life with our community group and we have so much fun in a variety of situations.

This past weekend, we did a quick mini-couples shoot to take advantage of the falling leaves, changing colors, and first true chance to break out the long sleeves and boots. We took about 5 minutes with each couple while the rest of the group cheered and made jokes in the background. The wives coordinated the outfits and made sure their husbands cleaned up while the men provided laughter and sweet forehead kisses. In a few short minutes, we were back inside eating pizza, watching football, and laughing together. Never a dull moment!

We really missed 2 of our families that were recouping from travel - Aaron & Brittany and Kristen, Diego & Ellie!

Love all of you guys!

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