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Baby B | Lake Lothian 7 Month & Family Portraits

The trees and leaves are giving every indication that it's fall, but the temperature begs to differ! Despite the warm temperatures yesterday afternoon, we got the chance to spend a bit of time with the Jacoby family and couldn't wait to share some pictures!

Anne got in touch last month with a plan to set up a family shoot as a surprise for her wife, Amanda. Their beautiful baby boy was about to turn seven months old and they were hoping to get some pictures to commemorate his first Halloween. Lake Lothian once again proved to be the perfect location.

We are used to all things girl in the Strouse House, but Baby B was 100% boy. He loved picking grass, getting his jeans dirty, and lifting heavy pumpkins. His handsome smile lit up the afternoon and his moms needed only a cow hand puppet and a few well placed high pitched "pee=pee" chants to get him giggling. If only it was that easy with wedding clients!

At the end of our session together, the Jacoby family packed up their pumpkins (one larger and more giggly than the others) and headed off to their next Halloween adventure. Thanks for the amazing afternoon and a superstar model!

VENUE: Lake Lothian at Midlothian Mines Park

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