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Stella's First Flight (& Fourth Trip) | Auburn

Since we had a BEAUTIFUL WIN on Saturday, I thought it was finally time to share Stella's Auburn trip!

Labor Day weekend in Auburn is a big deal for us. We got ENGAGED on Labor Day in Auburn weekend 2010, we got MARRIED on Labor Day in Auburn weekend 2011, we celebrated our first Anniversary (in Atlanta) at an Auburn game in get the picture. So we couldn't WAIT to get Stella to Auburn for her first Labor Day Weekend!

We left Richmond on the Wednesday before Labor Day weekend via airplane. After googling and reading multiple mommy blogs on how to fly with a five month old, I wasn't too nervous. It also helped that I had Brad and both my parents with us as well!

Stella was a champ on the flight! She ate and passed out the entire hour we were in the air. We arrived in Atlanta, jumped in our rental mini van and headed for Auburn to introduce Stella to some new and old family members!

From there, we ended our night with some Momma G's sandwiches (my FAVE) and went to Lake Martin!

We stayed with some family friends in their GORGEOUS lake house, spent the day on the lake, visited an island filled with goats and ended the night with a sunset cruise! It was the perfect start to our vacation! (CLICK TO VIEW PHOTOS)

Then it was time to head on to Auburn! We took Stella to all our favorite parts, showed her how to properly tailgate and even introduced her to Tiger Walk!

Can't wait to take her back! War Eagle!


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