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Why I Don't Share More on Social Media | Strouse House Rambles

When social media came about, I felt like I was at the forefront. Auburn was one of the first schools to get Facebook. I was in radio when Twitter was started so we all jumped on. Sharing pictures instantly? Sign me up. I would post any and everything from what I had for lunch that day to which celebrity I was meeting that week.

I was a classic over-sharer.

My phone was always in my hand and my head was always down scrolling through the screen.

I was experiencing everything through a screen or would only experience something so I could share it.

It was bad. Instead of seeing the sunset in real life, I took 800 pictures of it. Instead of being present when my favorite band of all time was playing, I bobbed my head while staring at Pete Wentz through a viewfinder. Instead of having meaningful conversations at girls' night, I was seeing what everyone else was doing.

Like my other Strouse House Rambles, this isn't the first blog about this topic and it definitely isn't last. I, however, decided to write it out because I finally realized what I was doing. So now, I vow to change.

In a world of instant gratification, I want to experience adventures first hand. Does that mean I won't still share? Or course not. It just means my priority will be experience first, share second. It means I will be intentional with what I share.

Instead of posting 3456 pictures of something cute Stella did, I will be present with her first and then maybe if she does it again, I'll snap a picture.

Instead of posting a status each time I go somewhere, I'll just go and focus on what I am doing.

Instead of validating my successes and failures by likes, comments and everyone else's highlight reel, I'll focus on how I feel in real life.

I vow to change and taking Facebook off my phone was the first step. Next, maybe I'll remove Instagram...

Well, maybe I'll start by putting my phone in a different room at night instead. :-D

How will you be present today?

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