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Missing a Blog Post | Strouse House Rambles

August 8th. The first day in a year & 2 months that we didn't post our weekly blog post on Monday morning followed by an Instagram and Facebook post.

I would like to say it's because we deliberately took a week off to reconnect as a family.

I would like to say it's because we used the time to do something meaningful and heroic.

I would like to say it's because we wanted to reflect on our other posts.

The truth is...

...we forgot.

Between diapers, a four month sleep regression and cluster feeding, we simply forgot to post our weekly blog. We are learning that it's ok. IT'S OK. That phrase is a hard one for us to swallow, but one that we've been forced to accept since the arrival of our STROUSE HOUSE BABY. So as we learn to not be so hard on ourselves, we hope to hop back on our blogging train. I mean - it's only one post a week. How hard can that be? :-P

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