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Stella's Second Road Trip | Strouse House Baby

Over Memorial Day weekend, we ventured down to Huntsville, Alabama to see my side of the family. Over the Fourth of July weekend, it was time to see Brad's side and let Stella meet the other 4 of her great grandparents! In case you missed it in Stella's First Road Trip post, Stella has all eight of her great grandparents and it was our mission to meet all of them! As of July 4th, we succeeded!

We left work the first before July 4th around 1pm and traveled in and out of the Virginia and West Virginia mountains. As someone who gets car sick on the regular, this is not my favorite drive. I'd rather have the boring, flat drive that it is to drive to Huntsville, Nashville or Auburn. However, it is a rather pretty drive!

The drive took us roughly 9-10 hours with stops. Stella was a champ!

Here are some photos from our trip!

As you can see, Stella really enjoys taking pictures with me. ::Cue the eye roll::

Stella is a champ road-tripper, even though she hates the car seat!

Next week, we'll share her third road trip to the beach!

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