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These are just tips that helped me personally - either ones I read while I spent hours googling, ones people shared with me or ones I came up with myself. I am by NO MEANS an expert or even know what I am doing. I just wanted to compile a list so that (A) I could refer back to it should we have another baby and (B) maybe it would be helpful for someone else!

Also, some of these tips I figured out on my own and some of these I learned from other people, blogs and conversations. I tried to thank the people that gave us this advice!

These are the things we ended up having to go out and buy the day we got home from the hospital because we didn’t know we needed it. Spoiler alert, if we are friends and you are having a baby soon, you can pretty much expect some of these items from me!

Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes, you can’t always get to a sink to wash your hands. We had my mom go out and buy us a BIG bottle of hand sanitizer so we could have it with us at all times. It’s also helpful when you have visitors - just ask them to sanitize real quick before they hold the baby! I carry my hand sanitizer in my bucket that moves from my room to the living room each day.


We have had our fair share of blow out diapers that have leaked onto clothes (thanks to not realizing Stella had already outgrown her newborn sized diapers). When that happened, I ran the clothes under some warm water and placed in an oxy clean mixture until I had time to wash a whole load of clothes.

I believe they make a Dreft version or a gentle version of oxy-clean. We just used store brand because I always re-washed the clothes in baby detergent after I spot treated them.

Pads (Thanks to the Nurse Brenda that taught our baby class for this advice!)

After you use up all the pads you got from the hospital, you’ll need more. For a while. So make sure you have some at home ready to go!

Easy to Grab Snacks

I have been eating a ton of bananas, granola bars and pre-shelled pistachios between meals because they are easy to grab when you have a baby in one arm and need a snack in the other.

Larger Comfy Clothes

My mom had to run out and get me a few PJ-feeling clothes to get through the first couple of weeks. My maternity casual pants bothered my incision from my C-Section, my maternity jeans were too big, but my pre-pregnancy jeans were too tight and my engorged ta-tas made all my shirts too tight. Having the comfy clothes my mom bought me helped me have one less thing to worry about!

Space Heater

Stella HATED baths because she got so cold. So before we run the bath, we put a space heater (very small and it stays away from any water) in the bathroom to heat up the room! After we did this, she started to enjoy her baths!

Heating Pad (Thanks to our awesome neighbors for this tip!)

Our amazing neighbors gave us this tip! They told me while we are feeding Stella before bed, put the heating pad on low in the bassinet or crib so it gently warms the bed. (Safety: Remove the heating pad, unplug and put it up and then put baby in there.) That way when you are done feeding and cuddling her and put her down, she goes from your warm body to a warm bed! Worked like a charm!

Also, if you are engorged, you can use it on your ta-tas!

What other things did you find helpful when you came home from the hospital?

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