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6 Tips to Help You Survive Being Overdue | Strouse House Baby & Strouse House Rambles


These are just tips that helped me personally - either ones I read while I spent hours googling, ones people shared with me or ones I came up with myself.. I am by NO MEANS an expert or even know what I am doing. I just wanted to compile a list so that (A) I could refer back to it should we have another baby and (B) maybe it would be helpful for someone else!


Join groups on Facebook.

I joined breastfeeding groups on Facebook and it’s been so encouraging. Whatever you are dealing with, there is a good chance it has already been discussed in the group so you can search and find answers to questions you might have!

I also joined a ton of yard sale groups before we had STELLA and I am glad I did. Once we got home, we started to realize we needed a few extra things and I was able to find them all in a yard sale group at a great price!

Ignore all the unsolicited advice people give you (including this and all the other blog posts I write.)

People will offer all kinds of advice that you didn’t necessarily ask for. It’s totally OK to ignore it all. You have enough to worry about, no need to start stressing over all the things people tell you!

(I am TOTALLY guilty of giving unsolicited advice. I think it's because I just want to talk about my experience and I share by giving advice.)

Go on a date!

Brad and I went on a few breakfast and dinner dates before STELLA was born to help get my mind off her late arrival.

Enjoy those cookies or whatever you were craving!

I probably had a baker’s dozen of cookies over a day or two period and used the ole “I’m pregnant” excuse. It was so worth it!

Get excited!

And not just about your baby’s impending arrival. You know she’s coming soon (and it’s awesome if you have an induction date because you have an end date.) Get excited that your food aversions, swelling and back pain are about to go away! I couldn’t eat chicken my whole pregnancy (with the exception of a Chick-Fil-A sandwich here and there) and as soon as the day we got home from the hospital, chicken was back in my appetite!

Plan your first post-pregnancy meal!

Mine was a Turkey Tom from Jimmy Johns! Bring on that lunch meat and all those sprouts. I seriously could not be more excited for a sandwich in my life. I LIVE on sandwiches and when I was told lunch meat was a no-go during pregnancy, I was so bummed. So for the first three weeks postpartum, I probably had a least one sandwich every other day. Jimmy John’s, Panera, Brick House name it and I probably had a sandwich from there.

What are some other tips that helped you survive being pregnant?

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