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I had the honor and privilege (not) to be an overdue woman. Here are some things I enjoyed hearing and some things I didn't enjoy.

3 Things to Say to an Overdue Woman

“Hang in there.”

This was the most encouraging line to me. I am not sure why. I think because it showed me that you have compassion for me.

“You look great!”

I knew I looked like an oompa loompa, but it was still nice to hear this. I knew it might not necessarily be true, but it was so nice to hear when I felt like I was swollen like a beached whale.

“I am so proud of you!”

This little bit of encouragement helped keep me going and remember that we have a great end goal!

5 Things Not to Say to an Overdue Woman

“Sleep now, because you won’t get anymore sleep for the next 18 years.”

False. Being 40-41 weeks pregnant, I wasn’t sleeping anyways because I had a 7-8 pound baby on my bladder. I was already getting up 3-6 times a night to pee!

“Waking up so much to pee is preparing you for the baby!”

False. At least for us! For the first two weeks or so, we only had to get up twice to feed the baby. We’d go to be around 11p-12a and then wake up around 1a-2a and again around 3a-4a before getting up for the day at 6a-7a! I am even cautious to share how rare Stella is...at four weeks on the dot she slept through the night! 10p-5:30a!

“Your life is about to change forever!”

Duh. I know that. Don’t tell me everyday you see me!

“Do this to jumpstart your labor!”

I assure you the poor pregnant woman you are telling that advice too has already read that exact way or has already tried that technique. When I was that overdue, I was googling and reading every known way to induce labor under the sun. At the end of the day, I listened to my doctor. She said “That’s the thing with pregnancy, there’s still a little magic and there’s nothing to really you can do to start your labor naturally.” I took a deep breathe, stopped walking (because she said that brings on false contractions) and laid on the couch.

After a pregnant woman complains about being exhausted, don’t say “get used to it!”

Really? Don’t say that. It’s not nice. We know we will be exhausted and we don’t need to be reminded.

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