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(How I truly feel/felt about being pregnant, clearly thrilled.)

I've read more blogs than I care to admit about pregnancy. I didn't want any surprises. I wanted to know what to expect so I googled titles just like this one. After reading and reading, I thought - "I got this, I know what to expect during this pregnancy." I was informed on the weight gain, emotional turmoil that can take on you, gas, being uncomfortable ALL THE TIME, lack of sleep, swelling of feed, morning sickness, etc. Here is what I was not informed of. Here are the things no one told me about being pregnant:


I read everywhere that pregnancy helped people have the best skin of their life! As someone who has battled with acne since the third grade, I was stoked on this. However, for me, it was false. I broke out during my first and second trimester like a high school freshman.


Hello? Bloggers? Why didn't you warn me about this? Is it too taboo to talk about? Well, I am here to tell you that constipation and pregnancy go hand and hand. If it wasn't for Miralax and a handful of newly pregnant friends going through the same thing as me, I would have not made it! Ok, that is a little exaggerated, but for real - yo!

Once I started having some of those symptoms, I googled it and found topic on topic about it. Maybe I didn't do enough research prior!


I did NOT expect this as a symptom of pregnancy. My word. I had (I think) 2 kidney stones back during my 26-27 week. It was miserable. Apparently (according to my research of the good ole trusty internet), kidney stones are often misdiagnosed because you can’t x-ray pregnant women. They did an ultrasound on my kidneys and didn’t see one, but I tell you what - there was a little bitty one that popped right on out so I can assure you, I had at least one! That pain was worse than anything I can ever imagine so I feel really prepared for labor now!


I read that you can get congested and it's like a whole pregnancy congestion situation. What I didn't read is that you can also get nosebleeds from that congestion. Luckily, it only happened once (so far), but I was still super shocked!


Because of the extra weight I am carrying and because I wear a lot of flats, I believe I have developed plantar fasciitis or as I like to call it - stabbing needles in my heel. Granted, it could totally be non-preggo related, but I'm going to go ahead and group it in with all these other symptoms I've developed!

I also had a handful of symptoms people did tell me about on top of all of this, so you can really see how much I am enjoying this pregnancy journey.

In all seriousness, it's not nearly as bad as I've made it out to be. Except the kidney stones. I. wanted. to. die.

This pregnancy has had its ups and downs for sure, but I am so excited to meet our #STROUSEHOUSEBABY and I've really enjoyed feeling her move since about week 14-16!

What are some other symptoms no one told you about when it came to being pregnant?

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