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Our Auburn Room | Strouse House Tour

Last week, we gave you a glimpse into our All-Auburn Room! It lead us to a great thought to give you a little Strouse House Tour! To start, we thought we'd show you more of our Auburn Room.

If you remember from our Strouse House Chronicles, Brad and I met at Auburn. Although our upbringing and love for Auburn started in different ways, we still have a love that is so deep we dedicated one of our rooms in our home to showcase our Auburn pride!

Our Auburn room started out as the office and quickly evolved to our office/guest room with the impending arrival of our Strouse House Baby! Now, it's an office during the day and when we have guests, it's an official guest room with our awesome Closet Factory murphy bed!

It's a murphy bed!!

Do you have a place in your room dedicated to your alma mater? No? We're just the crazy ones? Eh, we're totally OK with that! :-D

Stay tuned for more rooms on the Strouse House Tour!


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