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Last year, Closet Factory changed our lives. So much so that I wrote a little love letter to them. Since they have done more stuff for us this year, I wanted to re-post the love letter I wrote last year!

"My Dearest Closet Factory of Richmond, Virginia -

There's no easy way to say this so I'll just say the simple three word sentence everyone longs to hear. I love you. Yes, I do.

From the moment you installed my customized master closet to the day you revamped my office with a murphy bed, I fell deeper and deeper in love with you. I hope my love confession doesn't come as a surprise as I hope to continue our relationship with more and more organizational opportunities.

Until our next organizational venture, I'll leave with you some nice photos I took of you when you weren't looking.

MASTER CLOSET (excuse the cell phone pictures)

After you carefully crafted my master closet with the care of a new mother.

I mean - I can't even. The space you have provided me is unreal. My husband isn't even jealous over the love I have for you. He actually feels the exact same.


Before you came into my life, our office and Auburn room was a sad display of attempted organization.

As you can see, there was stuff everywhere. We had no room.

Then. You. Arrived.


EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE. I can display all of my auburn plates and trinkets. Best of all, when we have our visitors from our of town, they have a place to visit. Until they arrive, we have a real office.

Closet Factory. You are amazing. Thanks for changing my mornings and my life.

With the sincerest thanks and gratitude,

Allie B. on Hot 106.1

Customer for LIFE

P.S. - Sue Pike is the best consultant ever! My love for Closet Factory wouldn't have been anywhere close to as strong as it's has grown to be without her. She is LEGIT!!

P.S.S. - If you have found yourself reading my deepest love letter to Closet Factory and want to write your own story, call them today at 559-0001!"

Keep on the look out, we'll be posting more about our ALL AUBURN room soon!

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