Thelma Fitzgerald Strouse | Strouse Photo Mascots - Part 2

A few weeks ago, you got to be reacquainted with Dexter Mozart Strouse. Now it's time to meet Thelma Fitzgerald.

Double names for a pet? Yes. For her.

We adopted Fitz from the SPCA in Nashville, TN three months after we got married in 2011. She was just the diva we were looking for...except when we adopted her, we were told she was a boy! After careful inspection and the help of a Petsmart employee, we realized that Fitz was actually a girl!

Originally, Brad wanted to name her Fitzgerald. Once we found out she was a little lady, we just added Thelma (I have a thing for old Southern names) to the front so we could still call her Fitz!

She's been prancing around our lives ever since! See more about her here!

How many pets do you have?


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