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The Importance of Mentors | Strouse House Rambles

In this season of our lives, we've really been reflecting on the meaningful relationships we had growing up, progressing through school, and now professionally. As we prepare to embark on the journey of parenthood, we've been thinking back on the role our parents and a select group of special people have had in shaping our lives both personally and professionally.

We'd like to use today's blog to thank these special people and briefly explain the impact they've had in our lives:

1.) Our Parents (Steve and Michelle Strouse/Chris and Carol Butterworth)

Words can't express the importance of our parents. They raised us to hold fast to values like faith, family, and the joy of serving others. More and more we find ourselves sounding like our parents, repeating the phrases we used to find cheesy, and hoping that we can be half the parents they were.

2.) Flip Flop Foto/Ali Cali Photo

Allie and I began our formal photography training under the tutelage of Rob Smith of Flip Flop Foto in Auburn, AL. He taught us the basics of composition, working a room, and customer service. While there, we worked under Alison Cali who quickly became a source of advice and laughter. Through the years, we got a chance to second shoot for her and when we started Strouse Photography, she became our de facto guru. She's always happy to answer our frantic questions, is a sounding board for our professional frustrations, and annually we fly to Boston to second shoot a wedding with her. We are constantly listening/learning and would be lost without her advice on editing techniques and small business owner advice. Check out her amazing work here!

3.) JR Montes/Current Talent Agency (Brad)

JR graciously offered me my first professional job out of college. He took a chance on a tattoed waiter who was passionate about live music. I was a blank slate and he slowly helped shape me into an agent/salesmen. He was constantly suggesting books and resources to help expand my personal and professonal knowledge. We worked elbow to elbow for years building a repuatation for a small agency and we were side by side for life events like baby births, weddings, and more. He was a sounding board for life questions and professional advice. Check out CurrentMM's website here!

4.) Joe Doran (Allie)

Fresh out of college, I wanted to work in radio so, so bad. Realizing I needed experience before I could ever dream of working at a station, I submitted a resume to Cox Radio in Richmond. I waited for a few weeks, bugged a few people and finally got an interview with Joe. I expressed that I really, really wanted experience and he took a chance on me. Eight years later, I still continue to learn from him everyday. Whether it's advertising or the ins/outs of the radio business, he's the best teacher someone in this business could ever have.

Here are a few tips we've learned through our mentors:

1.) Surround yourself with people wiser and more experienced than you.

2.) Choose 1 or 2 people who you trust and give their opinions and advice more weight than the masses. Choose wisely and slowly.

3.) Be open to passing on your own knowledge and experience.

Thank you to all the great parents, bosses, and mentors out there! Keep up the good fight!

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