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Our Double Life & Why We Work Two Jobs | Strouse House Rambles

I debated writing this blog for a long time. I was afraid to remove the veil. I was afraid to tell people who we really were. I was afraid it would turn people away from Strouse Photography if they knew we both had full time day jobs in addition to running our photography business.

The reality is - we do and we actually love it. The best part is - we are deeply passionate about both and each job has positively supported the other!

We both work in the photography/wedding business with Strouse Photography. We are both small business owners and photographers. We also both work in the music industry! Brad is an agent at an amazing entertainment firm and I am a Creative Services Production Manager, Digital Creative Designer and On-Air Personality at a local radio station (shameless plug - on-air weekdays from 10-3 on Hot 106.1.).

You see, both jobs are full time. Both jobs help us cultivate our passions (music and photography) and both jobs help us to continue to grow - as creatives, friends and business owners. The key to working both was balance. A balance that came after 3 hard years of trial and error, but now works great with our life.

How do we do it?

We work hard. Very hard. The day belongs to our passion day jobs and the early mornings, evenings and weekends belong to Strouse Photography.

Don't you get burnt out?

We used to. Until we learned how to say no. Until we learned that quality time, family time and personal time is so important to each job and ourselves. Until we learned that blocking off weekends to rest and holidays to spend with family was vital. Until we learned that it's ok to take a few months off from our photography job so that we could start a family.

Having day jobs that we are passionate about helps us know that all of our bills will get paid. It provides us health insurance. It provides the security net we need. It also helps us realize that it's more important to focus on a small number of weddings and couples each year than book as many as possible.

Our couples mean the world to us so we want to make sure we give each and every one of them all the personalized attention and service they need. That's why we limit our weddings to a number we know we can still do an amazing job at both jobs and for each person.

We always joke that we have two full time jobs. It's true. We do. But - we have learned how to balance it. And we love it.

So, now that the veil has been removed, we hope you don't think of us any differently, but more or less feel like you know us a little bit better.

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