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The Nichols' Sisters | Strouse Photography Portraits

Sisters. I didn't grow up with one. I had a younger brother whom I occasionally tricked into a make over with more make-up and blush than a ten year old should own. After getting in trouble one too many times, I realized that no amount of lip gloss could make him into the sister I always wanted. We have our own sister-brother bond, but I was always envious of my friends with sisters. Their bonds were and still are so strong, so unique, and so genuine. So when I had the chance to get to know each and every sister in the Nichols' family, I felt it to be a true honor.

My sweet Kristen is the oldest of the Nichols' girls. We became best friends back in high school, sixteen years ago. (We met in middle school, but I'll let her tell the story of the weird new blonde girl with braces, glasses and butterfly hair clips. :-P) Kristen has two younger sisters who I got to know over our years of hanging out; Kasey and Hanna. All three girls were and still are so incredibly talented, athletic, and some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. I loved watching them grow from middle schoolers with dreams of playing soccer and softball in college, to making those dreams come true! I still joke with Hanna that in my heart, she's still the sweet sixth grader I met 16 years ago! Now, all three girls have grown into some of the most beautiful and Godly women I've ever met!

Within 17 months, all three girls were engaged and married. We had the honor of shooting each of their engagement and bridal sessions! We shot Kasey and Hanna's weddings and were IN Kristen's wedding!

Over those years of growing up feeling like the Nichols' were my second family and the months of wedding planning, I really got to see and adore their sisterhood. I loved watching them interact and support each other fearlessly. It's not only inspiring, but incredibly beautiful.

While I never had a sister to grow up with, I feel honored to have gotten to know and photograph each one of the Nichols' sisters and feel a little part of the bond they share with each other. And hey, I'm blonde! Maybe I could pass for the fourth Nichols' sister one day. :-D

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