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Hanna | Lake Lothian Bridal Portraits

Our love for the Nichols family is known the world over and we are beyond excited to be ending an era of wedding bliss with Hanna's bridal shoot! It's so fun to now have bridal and engagement portraits for all three sisters. Each one is beautiful and so different!

Hanna chose a gorgeous lake setting as a backdrop for her session and the unseasonal December warmth really played to her advantage! Instead of hiding her dress under layers of warm clothing, she got to show it off in all its' sleeveless splendor! Several little girls walking around the park that day even remarked, "Mom! Look it's a princess!" The dress was so elegant, her makeup and hair so classically stunning (way to go - AARON!), and her smile so warm that she would fit right in at Buckingham Palace.

Hanna is an absolute natural in front of the camera and the location she chose was a perfect contrast to her dazzling dress. One of her favorite locations even looked like a fairytale forest! She was all smiles and constantly laughing, mostly due to the egging on by HER OLDEST SISTER and mom.

In December, the sunset sneaks up on you and is over within minutes. We reluctantly snapped some quick photos as the last of the sunlight faded over the horizon and Hanna headed back to her chariot (Mom's SUV).

We hope you enjoy these select shots and stay tuned for Hanna and Bryan's wedding day blog!


PHOTOGRAPHERS | Allie & Brad Strouse of Strouse Photography

HAIR | All About Hair by Melanie Mendenhall

MAKEUP | Brideface by Aaron

VENUE | Lake Lothian

DRESS | Tiffany's Bridal



FLOWERS | Allie Strouse

Want to see more of gorgeous Hanna? See her ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS and WEDDING PHOTOS!

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