2015 Bloopers | Time to Laugh

Through the year and our shoots, we normally use each other as lighting test subjects. I like to keep those pictures because they make me laugh hysterically. They aren't all technically good because again - they are test shots, but they are funny.

So without further ado, I present to you our 2015 Blooper and Test Shots!


You may see all of our pretty bridal gown pictures. Most of the time, Brad is behind the set up!

Never have I taken a picture that more truly depicts my crazy hubby!

He's often thrilled at life.

And on occasion he may even give me a smile!

He's pretty handsome, too!

One of my all time favorite bloopers of Brad!

MID BLINK - but recovered as a stud!

He's often my shade creator!


We both need to work on our posture!

Allie & Brad

We can look nice too!


Someone needs to learn to stand up straight!

Ok, I'll pose. Did you get it? Really?


Working on my signature face!

Channeling my inner director!

Not afraid to climb to get the shot!

I can also be pretty goofy!


We aren't afraid of a little rain!

I tried to be sneaky...but was caught!

Bike shorts always come in handy when I need to be in...interesting positions!

Whoops! Need to get out of the way!

JUST told them I was preggo!!

If you had our candid booth, you probably met CAROL BUTTERWORTH - AKA - MY MOM! She is our go-to third shooter and candid booth photographer! My dad also helped us as an assistant at one wedding this year!

Best assistant ever!

Someone LOVES the photo booth!

We also double as hair toucher up-ers!

One thing I did notice in all of these pictures is how much my hair changes! I mean for real!

Thanks for laughing with us! We can't wait to see next year's bloopers!


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