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One of the first things we imagined when we heard the words "Congratulations! There is a baby in there" was late night pickle cravings and afternoon fast food runs. In the months leading up to this big baby announcement, we at the Strouse House were adhering to a strict clean eating diet, so I personally was looking for an excuse to eat Taco Bell at 3 the name of solidarity, of course.

As of week 19, Allie hasn't had any mashed potatoes covered in sprinkle cravings, but she did have a nutrition regimen of her own for the first 12 weeks. For the "lazy weeks" as we like to call them, the only thing she could stomach was saltine crackers, chicken noodle soup, and Gatorade. As she transitioned into the "morning sickness phase" it became mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, and strawberry popsicles. Several times I was kicked out of the kitchen and banished to a strange room in the house to eat my cooked chicken or Quinoa (both made Allie's stomach turn). The "morning sickness phase" lined up perfectly with our trip to Europe (STROUSE HOUSE ADVENTURES SERIES) so it definitely made finding the right types of food difficult. Breakfast was usually a banana or some bread and pasta was safe for evening meals most nights. Flight travel was the most difficult when it came time to find Allie something to eat. See below.

(Allie only cared for the grapes, apple, and Chocolate Mousse while I finished off the rest, beer included.)

Allie's cravings aren't the "I have to have a bean burrito at this exact moment or I won't be able to go on with life", but more once something that smells/looks good passes in front of her face and she gets it in her head that it's something she desires, then she has to have it or she can't move on to anything else. So far, it's been things like a Sonic blast (seen in a magazine ad) or Dairy Queen (we didn't stop and I didn't hear the end of it for a few days).

We've read that the husband typically gains "sympathy weight" during a pregancy (solidarity!), but I'm doing my best to fight that tradition. I do understand it though. For the first 16 weeks or so, Allie would order something that looked good and I would order something different. Our food would come, she'd take one bite, decide that she'd be nauseous if she ate any more, and would expect me to eat both plates so as not to waste food/money. Tasty, but not fair!

I'm still crossing my fingers and dropping sublte hints that a 3 PM Chipotle run would probably be "good for the baby", but to no avail. Back to stirring the Kraft with a popsicle stick.....

What's the craziest food craving you've ever had and was it sweet satisfaction when you got it?!


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