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Football and Famous Mummies | Strouse House Adventures: London

Day 3 in our STROUSE HOUSE ADVENTURES to London was both historic and full of history. It was my sole souvenir goal to find a Liverpool jersey (my favorite premier league team) and an English national team jersey so I could blend in at the game later that night. We took the Underground to Oxford circus where we found a six level sports store with authentic jerseys. I even found an England jersey with famed Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard on the back!

We ate lunch at a pub near the British museum called "Munchkins" and ordered fish and chips with a Tetley's beer (traditional English ale). We walked over to the muesum and with our "British museum cliff notes" we began to make our way through the multiple exhibits. Our personal favorites were:

1.) The Rosetta Stone - Smack dab in the middle of the ancient Egypt exhibit was this massive stone tablet. It features the same text in hieroglyphs, Demotic script, and ancient Greek thus bridging the language gap for scholars and allowing them to crack this thousand year old code. It was featured prominently in the midst of sarcophagus, large sculptures, and colorful paintings.

2.) Guard Dog Statue Hellenistic Era - Guard dogs hold a special place our hearts (Dexter the STROUSE PHOTO MASCOT) so this statue from around the year 300 was something to behold! It depicted a massive dog who helped guard the throne room for Alexander the Great and was said to be an early breed of the Bull Mastiff. We would've definitely proceeded with caution when approaching the king!

3.) Lindow Man Mummy - This man is known as one of the most well preserved mummies in history! He died somewhere around 2 BC and was found in a Scottish bog around 1984. This man in his mid-twenties died pretty violently (likely knife wound or a hard hit to the head). It blew our minds how defined his belly button, fingernails, and even facial expressions were!

Next, I donned his jersey and we rode the train to Wembley Stadium for the England vs Switzerland game. We joined the hordes of fans from both sides as they streamed towards the stadium and found our seats in the nosebleeds. We took turns watching warm ups through the binoculars and Allie was especially excited about the night's featured fan, David Beckham!

We watched stars from all of the big premier league teams pass precisely and send shots rocketing towards the net. The sold out stadium were on the edges of their seats all night in hopes that team captain Wayne Rooney would score and shatter a 45 year old record. It was a draw at the half, but things began to pick up when Harry Kane was subbed in and almost immediately scored. Late in the second half, Raheem Sterling took an easy fall (notoriously quick to go to ground) in the box and drew a penalty kick. Rooney stepped up and slammed one into the back of the net, breaking the record with his 50th international goal. The entire crowd jumped to their feet and roared as one. What an epic moment!!

As we filed out of the stadium, we were expecting a rambunctious British crowd full of drunk hooligans and loud cheering. Instead, we found the crowd to be polite, organized, and extremely respectful. How British! 90% of the crowd traveled home on the Underground, but we were astounded how effecient and quick the public transportation was. We were back at our hotel in no time!

Next week during the STROUSE HOUSE ADVENTURES, we admired the Crown Jewels and avoid a beheading. See you then!

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