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Every December, Allie and I spend some time making goals for the next year/five years. We ceremonially go out to dinner and talk about our personal, financial, career, family, and "moon shot" goals over a nice meal and glass of wine. Most categories are pretty standard, but the "moon shot" goals are the most fun because we dream big and throw out ideas that currently seem impossible. Once they are on paper, it's much easier to break them down into smaller and more achievable steps. Several years ago "Travel to Europe" showed up as one of those "moon shot goals" and this first adventure is the achievement of that goal!

At the beginning of 2015, we took a blind leap and added "Europe Vacation" to our iCal on the weekend of our anniversary. We had no clue how we could afford something like that, but once it was on the calendar we broke it down into smaller steps, started saving, and more importantly started dreaming about the places we would see and the things we would experience. We spent months (ok...mostly Allie) researching budget airlines, hotels, and ways to travel Europe on the cheap. Before we even left our house, we had booked all of our airfare, airport transportation, several of our "excursions" and much more which cut down on currency conversion rates and offered us big discounts on several things we knew we'd be doing anyways.

Friday September 4, 2015 was our fourth wedding anniversary and we spent most of it in a car, airport terminal, and finally a plane. Based on our research, we found that the cheapest way to get to London was to fly from Baltimore to Iceland and then on to London. It cut our airfare in half! So we made the three hour drive to Baltimore, ate dinner in a small international terminal, and soon our all purple plane was waiting for us on the tarmac. As we waited to board, the WOW Air flight crew walked past and we couldn't help, but stare. They were the most beautiful, model-esque human beings in all purple suits and hats. Soon we would find out that all Icelandic people are carved out of stone and are insanely gorgeous, just like their homeland.

Our flight left around 7 PM EST and we arrived in Reykjavik Iceland sixish hours later at 5 AM their time. It was hard to sleep on the plane because it was still late evening, so by the time we went to sleep the next night in Iceland we had been up for 26+ hours! Also, we had a 5 hour stop gap in the airport before our transportation arrived, so to try to stay occupied, we drank coffee, fruit juice and played around with our camera!

(We pretty much feel like the guy on the cup!)

We will save our day in Iceland for next week, but here are a few things we quickly learned just by being in the airport in Iceland:

1.) Rainy and cold are appropriate descriptors for Iceland, but that doesn't detract from the natural beauty at all.

2.) Icelandic coffee will be the best cup O joe we have the whole trip.

(We ended up in the Keflavik Airport a few times during our trip, This little coffee shop was like home during our 10 day trip!)

3.) Krona (Icelandic money) is extremely hard to keep track of because it's 125 ISK to 1 USD, That innocent looking sandwich and juice smoothie that costs a seemingly arbitrary 2,000 ISK just cost you $16!

Stay tuned for next week's Strouse House Adventure in Iceland. We can't wait to share the photos of that beautiful country!

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