Marriage Year Four | Strouse House Chronicles: PART THIRTEEN

We are just one month into year four of marriage and already we've checked some major boxes on our life goals list! We've traveled to foreign countries, raced for hours in the rain, and so much more since our anniversary on September 4th. There's lots in store for the next eleven months, but as this Chronicles series wraps up we are happy to announce our next series: Strouse House Adventures!!

We plan to use the Adventures series to talk about our anniversary trip to Iceland/London/Dublin, Brad's races over the next few months, and several US based trips so STAY TUNED!

Editor Note:

Brad - As we've mined the goldmine of our relationship story over the last thirteen weeks it has made me even more thankful for my wife and best friend Allie. Thinking back on all the ups and downs we've experienced in our ten years of friendship/dating/courtship/marriage makes me so grateful to have her by my side. I smiled many times thinking about the laughter, inside jokes, and exciting adventures we've shared together and I know we've only just begun. I am constantly in awe of her capacity to love me and serve YOU our clients!

Which of our stories is your favorite? How many times did you feel awkward when I stuck my foot in my mouth? Any happy tears? Leave your thoughts in the replies!!!


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