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Jenn & Galen | Colonial Heritage Country Club Williamsburg Wedding

#smallnamebiglove was the official motto for this past weekend's wedding and boy did it ring true. The only thing small about this wedding and the couple's love for each other was their new last name!

Jenn and Galen have been family friends for several years and what began as a lively tailgate crew soon turned into one of our favorite couples. We truly have enjoyed building a deeper relationship with Jenn and Galen and were so excited to be part of their historic Williamsburg wedding (pun intended)!

Jenn and Galen are so easygoing and weren't going to let a little rain and slight humidity get in the way of their dream wedding. The girls had an early morning wake up call for hair and makeup and were looking stunning by the time we arrived at midday. The guys on the other hand were well rested, watching soccer, and chowing down on 7 layer dip and lil smokies prepared by Mrs. Small. Not only did she prepare the snacks, but she also hand sewed the groomsmen's pocket squares and ties! Jenn and Galen had the wedding accesory game on lock. The girls got ready in personalized shirts, modeled bracelets selected by Jenn, and hung their dresses on personalized hangers. The guys were each given a classic pocket watch, handsewn pocket square and tie, and a pair of Ninja Turtle socks. Each guy had a different turtle and they had tassles in the back where the bandannas tie to the turtles' heads! The couple hand wrote letters to one another and Jenn had outfitted her groom with cuff links and a tie bar with special engravings. Galen was wearing his grandfather's pocket watch which his dad discovered was over 100 years old! It was so much fun getting to see this couple's personality shine in their wedding day details.

The bridal party braved the elements as we got shots of the dress and then it was time for the first look. Galen was positioned in the church courtyard with his back to the door as Jenn waited in the wings. She entered the courtyard and barely kept her veil from flying away in the wind. After making a short walk across the courtyard she turned Galen around and gave him a quick kiss as he took in the sight of his beautiful bride. They shared a few laughs and a quick prayer before making a quick break back to the safety of the church interior. The ceremony featured several scriptures, tying of a wedding knot, and a very practical message from their pastor with advice about the mystical laundry and dish fairy. After a romantic first kiss, the couple's exit was accompanied by a special surprise: bagpipes! I think Galen was the most surprised and the guests nearly jumped out of their seats when this loud, unexpected, and remarkable set of pipes kicked in.

The bridal party hopped on a party bus. After one quick pit stop and several dances later (what goes on in the bus, stays on the bus) they arrived at Colonial Heritage Country Club for the reception. The announcement of the bridal party and couple always makes for a good time when the participants enjoy themselves. There were piggy back rides, groomsmen being caught hook/line/sinker, and plenty of smiles all around. Slow songs were few and far between. There were fight song singalongs, large quantities of people teaching others how to Dougie, and even a surprise best man guitar solo during "Sweet Child of Mine"! On the other side of the room the line at our Candid Booth stayed long all night and there were plenty of feathers, boas, and mustaches to go around. It never ceases to amaze us how much fun adults can have playing dress up and taking group photos!

If there's one thing you've learned from reading these blogs, it's how much we enjoy wedding cake. We are usually treated to one or two flavors, but Jenn and Galen made our hearts happy by offering 4+ cupcake flavors! There was apple, red velvet, s'more's, traditional vanilla, and more. We sampled every flavor and may have snuck seconds.....we'll never tell. Before long it was time for the last song and a grand exit. The guests lined the halls of the country club and sent the couple off in a "storm" of bubbles.

Jenn and Galen are true romantics and old souls at heart. We loved the care they took in planning surprises, writing letters and poems, and maintaining family traditions. They never left each other's side and made every situation fun and adventurous. Even photos in the rain turned into a romantic kiss under an umbrella. Thanks for the smiles Smalls!

Here are a few favorites from their wedding:


PHOTOGRAPHERS | Allie & Brad Strouse with Carol Butterworth


VIDEOGRAPHERS | Chris and Anna Meyers



CHURCH | St. Luke's UMC


SENIOR PASTOR | Doug Gestwick

HAIR | Mandy & Kayla @ Hairphenalia 17

MAKE UP | Candy & Nikki at the Body Shoppe Spa & Salon

FLORIST | Becki at Farm Fresh

RECEPTION VENUE | Colonial Heritage Golf Club


CATERING | Colonial Heritage Golf Club

CAKES | Dana from The Grey Goose Restaurant

INVITATIONS | Aaron from Parlett's Paper Expression

ENTERTAINMENT | Jerry Huddleston of Dynamite DJs

BRIDAL GOWN | Janies Bridal LLC Yorktown VA




GROOMSMEN ATTIRE | Kohls' | Haggar


RINGS | Diamonds Direct

See their engagement photos HERE!


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